Winter is the most-waited time during the year. Associated as the rebirth of the nature, winter brings people cheerful, colorful ambiences to life. Not only people, but flowers also give a warm welcome for winter with their bloom. Here are 5 popular winter flowers that are perfect for welcoming the favorite season:

The Top 5 Winter Flowers

#1. Hardenbergia ‘Happy Wanderer’
Hardenbergia, or also known as Happy Wanderer, is a genus of leguminous vines native to Australia. This flower was named after an English botanist George Bentham, in 1837. In Australia, this flower has a few common names including Purple coral Pea, Native lilac, Waraburra, Vine lilac or Lilac Vine. Known as a ‘happy wanderer’, this winter flower uniquely represents the spirit of winter.

#2. Bergenia ‘Winter Glow’
Bergenia , or also known as elephant’s ears or elephant-eared saxifrage, is a genus of 10 species of plants in the family Saxifragaceae. This flower is native to the Himalayan region as well as central Asia, from China to Afghanistan. This plan grows under trees or in shady locations. The flower can look best in sunnier areas in clusters on large stems. This flower is also known as ‘Winter Glow’.

#3. Luculia
Luculia is a genus of plants in the family Rubiaceae. This flower was first introduced by Robert Sweet in 1826. This plant is native to Himalayas and southern China. This plant is in the form of small trees or shrubs on woodland or forest margins. The plant has wide leaves with veins carried in pairs. This plant is hard to grow and temperamental. But, if it grows, it makes a shrub with generous trusses of rosy-pink flowers with a really strong, sweet perfume. The word ‘luculia’ is derived from the Nepalese ‘luculi swa’ and from the Latin word Gratissima which means ‘very pleasant, pleasing or agreeable’.

Lavender, or also known as Lavandula, is a genus of flowering plants in the mint family Lamiaceae. This plant consists of 36 species and is native to Cape Verde, the Canary Islands, southern Europe, eastern and northern Africa, southwest Asia the Mediterranean, and southeast India. The flower of the plant is often used as ornamental plant for garden or other landscape uses, as a culinary herb and as an extraction of essential oil.  The flower of the plant represents ‘love’ and ‘devotion’. It is also associated with silence purity, and caution. In some occasions, Lavender also represents luck and a promise of a new adventure.

#5. Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley, or also known as Convallaria majalis, is a sweetly scented flowering plant of the genus Convallaria. This plant is native to Europe and Northern Hemisphere in Asia. The plant is often found under trees or in shady areas. This flower represents ‘the return of happiness’.

The 5 most popular winter flowers have strong meanings of winter such as the cheerful spirit of a ‘happy wanderer’, a ‘winter glow’, a pleasing time, a promise of a new adventure, and a return of happiness. The winter flowers are always READY to cheer up your winter!

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