hybiscusHibiscus – State flower of Hawaii. Dark green Foliage, with bright colored flowers. Bright indirect light is best for this plant.  Low light will cause leaves to yellow and drop.  Blooms spring to fall and can be planted out doors for the summer.  Spray with insecticidal soap and bring indoors in mid September.


Croton/Joseph’s Coat – Most colorful indoor house plant. Beautiful upright leaves with colorful veins (yellow, red, pink, purple and bronze). Bright indirect light will help your plant flourish.  Repot every spring to keep your plant happy and healthy.  Keep an eye out for red spider mites and Scale.  Too much or too little water will cause leaves to drop.

Dracaena/Corn Plant-  It’s long palm like leaves come in a number of variegated shades of yellow, white or red.  Moderate to bright indirect light will give you upwards of 10 years of its beauty.  Keep an eye out for scale, and spider mites.  Under watering will cause the tips to brown.  Repot in the spring ever two to three years.

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