The tulip flower, which is the national emblem of the Netherlands and the national flower of Iran and Turkey got its name from the Latin word “tulipa”, which also means “turban” or “taliban”; this is a type of headgear worn by the men of the Middle East. The tulip flower, which blooms at the beginning of the spring season together with daffodils and other flowers, has a very peculiar shape and different colored petals. Tulip, in general, represents fame, perfect love as well as wealth. It is one of the flowers most loved on earth, due to the meanings associated with the colors of this beautiful liliaceous plant.

The red tulips (the Red Oscar Tulips) are used as an expression of true love. It is meant to impart the words “believe me” when love is being declared. There’s even a legendary story attached to this beautiful flower. Legend has it that there was once a Turkish prince who was madly in love with a maiden. But the sudden death of the maiden caused the prince to jump of a cliff in despair and deep grief of heart; from the drops of his blood emerged the red tulips. It is also associated with the 11th wedding anniversary, used by couples who have been married that long, or by couples who intend to show how long and more they intend to stay married.

The white tulips (Pure white, “Inzell” Tulips) are a symbol of purity, innocence and humility. Sometimes, it may also symbolize forgiveness, newness, and heaven. Yes, just in case you need to ask for an apology, white tulip flowers are the right choice for that gesture. The white tulips are also known to be used for funeral ceremonies; it can also stand for “remembrance” and “respect”.

The purple tulip (Deep purple, “Purple Prince” Tulips) is associated with royalty and wealth. It can also be linked with admiration for the accomplishments of a loved one. This “nobility” flower was referenced in the play “Hamlet” written by William Shakespeare.

The orange tulip (Orange colored “Princess Irene” Tulips) is a symbol that stands for energy, enthusiasm, happiness, fascination and desire. It also stands for mutual respect between married couples.

The yellow tulip (“Strong Gold” Yellow Tulips) formerly represented hopeless love and even jealousy. But over the years, this meaning has undergone a change. The yellow tulip symbolizes cheerful thoughts, hope and sunshine. It is a symbol of friendship as well.

The pink tulips (Pink, “Upstar” Tulips) stand for affection, care and sometimes, attachment. It is used to represent perfect happiness, offering of best wishes. There is a little similarity in meaning with the red tulip.

Striped tulips, or variegated tulips (Multi-colored, or variegated “Mickey Mouse” Tulips) represents a lover’s beautiful eyes.

Tulips are among the most loved flowers around the world, and knowing the meaning of the colors will help us understand and use them for appropriate occasions.

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