Use what your garden gives you to, garnish, add flavor, pickle, steam, boil in your tea or add it to a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.  Never use flowers sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. Your garden is the best place to pick from.

Marigold – petals are peppery, tangy and spicy.

Carnations/Dianthus – petals are sweet and perfumed

Hibiscus– cranberry flavor

Lilac– pungent but flowers are citrusy

Bachelor’s Button– petals have a grassy flavor

Bee Balm – minty flavor

Impatiens – no flavor, mostly used as a garnish and candying

Chrysanthemums – petals are a little bitter and range in flavors from peppery to pungent

Viola/Johnny Jump-up – minty flavor used for salads, pastas and fruit dishes

Gladiolas– bland taste, normally stuffed or used to garnish a salad

Lavender– sweet, spicy and perfumed, used in sweet and savory dishes

Nasturtium – sweet floral flavor with a peppery finish.  Flowers can be stuffed, petals can be used on a salad or the buds can be pickled like capers.  These are the most popular edible flower and the easiest to grow.

Pansy – used mostly for garnish and candying

Rose– perfume flavor which is more pronounced in darker colors. Petals can be used in hot and cold drinks or scattered on desserts.  Petals can also be used in a variety of jams.

Sunflowers – use petals for garnish or buds can be steamed like artichokes.

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