Even though the red rose is often considered to be the most traditional and sincere way of saying “I love you” with a flower, many people don’t take time to consider alternative options. There are actually many flowers that can help you show your love for someone and these can be just as good (if not better) than a rose! If anything, the receiver will be stunned at your creativity by not choosing the common and traditional rose.

Red Carnation

Red carnation flowers are just like red roses in that they are a symbol of true love and affection. Even though they aren’t as popular as the traditional red rose, they still have a very strong meaning and they definitely should not be overlooked. They also have a very beautiful and unique appearance that is different from a rose.

Pink Carnation

You might think that pink carnations are more subtle than red carnations, but this isn’t the truth. A belief is held that the pink carnation flower first appeared on Earth from the Virgin Mary’s tears, thus they have become a strong symbol of a mother’s undying love.

White Daisy

White daisy flower are very common flowers that you should be able to find just about anywhere in the warmer months! Even though they are only small flowers, they do hold significant meaning behind them, the white color of the daisy flower portrays youth, purity, and innocence. It is a beautiful gift to give to your sweetheart.


The orchard is considered to be an ornamental plant, in ancient Greek times they were also associated with virility. The plant conveys a feeling of delicateness, beauty, love, strength, and is very exotic. If you’re buying this as a gift then you certainly can’t go wrong here.


Different tulips have very different meanings; however, a tulip bouquet generally represents grace and elegance. Individually, a yellow tulip will symbol cheerfulness and joy. Purple represents royalty. A red tulip is a strong indicator of love.

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