Flowers are a very popular gift to send on Valentine’s Day and at other special events and occasions, so why is it that men don’t usually receive these gifts? Well, unfortunately the truth is that many people would consider flowers to be a bit “feminine” and in addition to this, it’s safe to say that many women wouldn’t consider flowers to be the ideal gift for their partner. However, this isn’t always the case.

Throughout this article we’ll look at some flowers that a man would be happy to receive and why they would be so happy to receive them!

Birds of Paradise

Also known as the “crane flower”, these flowers are one of the most exotic flowers that you will ever find. They are native to South Africa and you can find them blooming from the months of September until May. If you’re wondering where the name comes from, it’s because the flower actually resembles a bird in mid-flight.

This is a great flower to gift to a man because of how unique and different it is.


These types of flowers have wide open petals that are heart-shaped. This makes them a perfect gift to give to someone that you care about, it’s a definite symbol for affection, hospitality, and love. Again, this is a very exotic flower and would be the perfect give for any man you want to show your affection towards.


The cactus can have many different meanings and it all depends on the type of species, since there are over 2,000 different species, there are many different meanings. As we all know, the cactus in synonymous with the dessert and is often seen as a source of water. A yellow cactus flower received as a gift demonstrates protection and endurance.

Snap Dragons

These flowers really are a delight to have, if there are children close by then they will love to play with these flowers! The name “snap dragon” is actually derived from the fact that the flower slightly resembles a dragon’s face. They can grow very tall and will bloom during the summer, in addition to this, they also come in a variety of bright colours so they are the ideal flower for summer.


There are different types of chrysanthemums but in general, they are small flowers and don’t really grow any higher than around 12cm. They are quite a decorative flower and will be a perfect gift to any man that knows you care about him!

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