Chinese evergreenChinese Evergreen – Helps remove indoor air pollution.  All green or variegated spear-shaped leaves.  Perfect for low light or semi shaded areas of your home. Repot every 2 to 3 years.  Watch out for drafts, cold air, scale and mealy bugs.

Dieffenbachia/Dumb Cane- large fleshy green and cream colored leaves. Keep plant in low to med indirect light and you will have it for many years.  Repot every spring to keep to this fast grower from suffocating.  Be sure to wash hands if you get any sap on them.  The sap can cause irritation to the mouth and throat.

peace lilyPeace Lily-One of the top plants to remove indoor pollution.  Large, glossy green lance shaped leaves with white flower.  Semi shaded or low light areas are perfect in the summer and brighter indirect light in the winter.  Repot in the spring if root-bound.  Yellow leaves are an indication of too much water.

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