Flowers have been always associated with love, and that is why romantic flowers have been always enchanting many people to a way of expressing love, passion, and feeling. In the Valentine day, for instance, according to Luth Research shows that a number of more than 75% of men give flowers the women they love. Meanwhile, it also connects to the way people can feel happy which is proved by the Rutger University’s researches team that said the presence of beautiful blooms within the flowers can stimulate good feelings and satisfaction. Here are the list of 5 most romantic flowers and their meanings coming from all over the world.

#1. Rose, the Symbol of Love

What do you always see in the Valentine day? Rose, isn’t it? Nobody will be picky to decide what flowers to give their lover but Rose, because it represents love, beauty, refinement, and seduction. Red rose is considered the most favourite one during Valentine Day while the white one is still engaging with the pure white, subtle colour that says the hope for the future. This flower has been always a must-have thing in the Wedding and other love’s ceremonial occasions.

#2. Lily, the Symbol of Beauty

Beauty – that is the first word coming from the Chinese in the middle ages. The enchanting look of Lily that blooms until the late autumn is so colourful in their three types: red, yellow, and purple. The name itself is derived from Greek “leiron” which links to the white Madonna lily. The Greeks then believed that Lily is the queen of Gods, and it is continuously used as the May birth and 30th wedding anniversary flower.

#3. Daisy, the Symbol of Purity, Love, Innocence and Loyal

This one of romantic flowers list, in the old English as “Day’s eye” illustrates the beginning of the day. The white colour of Daisy symbolizes purity, innocence and healing while the yellow one radiates the attraction and vitality.

#4. Sunflower, the Symbol of Loyalty

When it comes to love, the most essential thing to involve is exactly loyalty, and this is what delivered by Sunflower. The physical look of its petals represents the sunshine where the feeling of warmth and happiness exist implicitly. No wonder that it is said as a loyalty flower because it makes people keep comfortable to stay with.

#5. Orchid, the Symbol of Beauty, Seduction and Love

Orchid is known widely because it is widely found in either tropical or semi tropical regions such as Asia, Central and South America with the species reported counts up to 25.000. The delicate look of this ornamental plant is surely another flower to be the true love’s delegate besides rose. Moreover, in the Victorian era, this flower was used as a symbol of luxury while nowadays it remains to represent beauty.

Apart from a big number of beautiful flowers in the world, these five: Rose, Lily, Daisy, Sunflower, and Orchid are worth being regarded as the romantic flowers for the most trustworthy love representative because of their gorgeous look and the meanings beyond.

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